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10 Benefits of Validating Emails on Your Web Form

Benefits of Validating Emails               Eliminates Hard Bounces –Benefits of validating emails include eliminating hard bounces. Too many failures in delivery can result in you getting the boot from your ESP. Hard bounces can do a lot of damage to inbox deliverability. That is why your email service provider wants you to only import clean-opt-in data. On average most companies who are aggressively media buying find that approx. 15-18% …

July 26, 2016
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Don’t treat email capture like Pokémon

Pokémon keeps telling everyone to catch them all. However, when it comes to acquiring leads you might want to think twice before impulsively listening to that advice. Marketers know that not all email addresses captured, or purchased are quality. On average, many marketers find between 15-18% of email data collected is invalid. Invalid rates are on the rise like the Pokémon GO excitement. Invalid data might be seeping into your marketing funnel via typos, or …

July 18, 2016
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