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global email verification

In a perfect world, every company would use Email Verification

Business Email Verification The other day I signed up for an email platform. Put in my email, put in my password, and BOOM I was in. I was happy, they gave me a free trial, I instantly wanted to learn about their tools so immediately I was toying around with their cloud-based software. I setup an email campaign and scheduled for it to send out the next day. Of course, I was happy to log …

March 28, 2016
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spam complaints

FAQs all about Spam Complaints.

What is a spam complaint rate? A spam complaint rate is the percentage of your clients who ¬†mark your email messages as spam.¬†They do this to move you out of their inbox and into the junk folder. So what should your spam complaint rate be? According to most ESPs they want your spam complaint rate to be below 0.1%. This means that per every 1,000 email messages you send you should get less than 1 …

March 23, 2016
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