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A Happy Email Verification Customer

Michael runs a digital download website, giving his users access to podcasts, digital publications, and e-books. Like most digital download sites, he prompts the users to either create an account on his site or enter their email address before they can get access to his digital content. He then takes the information they provided to later send promotional information to inform his user-base of new content recently available on his site. Things were going well …

September 29, 2015
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email IP warming

Warming up IPs

As companies grow their email list, they typically start out with a small business email platform such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp. The starter packages at with these email vendors place you on a shared server, but as your list grows you may need to move on to an up-graded account, or you may decide to get your own dedicated server. Once you are ready to move over to a dedicated server you have to …

September 25, 2015
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Ways to Improve Email Capture.

Building an email list is difficult. People come and go, taking a look at your site and then flutter off to some other corner of the internet possibly never to return. You want their email address so that you can engage directly to them, give them what they want, and keep them coming back for more. So what can you do to capture their email? Have good content. Also have content that people will want …

September 11, 2015
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Improve Email Deliverability

Ability to Deliver Successfully

Do you need to improve your email delivery?  Does your mail tend to land in your subscriber’s spam folder? If it looks like spam and smells like spam it must be spam.  Stands to reason, right?  If you are using tactics that make you look like a spammer, ISPs are going to slap a spam label on your mail. So what can you do to look more appetizing?  There is never any magic bullet, but …

September 04, 2015
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