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what is email verification

What is Email Verification

Email verification. What is it? To most people, email verification is what happens when you create a new social account or sign up for a company’s service and they send you an email for you to verify that the email you gave them is indeed yours. We get countless requests from consumers to validate their Playstation Address, their Apple I.D, etc… but this is not the kind of email verification that we offer. When it …

June 25, 2015
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How To: Get Removed From a Blacklist

So… you landed on a blacklist. Your email campaigns have come to a screeching halt and you are wondering ‘How did this happen?’ There are countless ways that it could have happened. But let’s start with how to get your name removed from that blacklist. How to Get Your IP and Domain Removed from an Email Blacklist First, you need to check all of the blacklists that your sending IP address and domain are currently …

June 22, 2015
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marketing goals

Goal Setting for Your Email Campaigns

Are you ready to see an improvement on your next several email campaigns? Then it is time to start putting a plan into place to identify your areas of improvement and execute a resolution. Start with planning First, look at the last three emails that you sent to a specific list, and then determine the average of your open rates. Next, you are going to want to define how much you want to improve it …

June 11, 2015
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Increase Email Delivery

15 Email Delivery Tips

“Do not underestimate the importance of email deliverability.” If you are unfamiliar with the term, ‘Deliverability’ is the measure of the percentage of emails that are making it to the inbox. Garnering high deliverability is something that does not happen overnight, it involves your sending IP’s relationship with the ISP’s that you will be emailing to; and like all good relationships, it will take time. Below I will lay out 15 ways that you can …

June 09, 2015
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What all Email Marketers need to know about Gmail

The email landscape is always changing; from the new introduction of anti-spam laws, new email applications, and new mobile technology, email marketing has never presented more challenges- or opportunities than in the present moment. Being an email marketer, it is paramount that you stay on top of all of the new technology coming into your arena so you can master your craft and increase your ROI. We all know one of the major players in …

June 03, 2015
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The Start of a Bad Lead

We specialize in instant data verification so we are seeing several hundred thousand bad leads everyday across all of our clients. So what is the major cause of bad leads? Well it certainly comes down to where you are getting your data. If you are getting data from multiple sources such as affiliates via media buying it is likely a higher chance that your data will have more invalids. If you are going to be …

June 02, 2015
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