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Acquire An Email List

What Could Be Wrong With Your List?

It is strongly recommended that you avoid list buying. Many times when working with a list broker they do not invest in list cleaning solutions so the data becomes stale, and ends up in your hands, which will eventually do damage to your email reputation. If you are thinking about getting a list, please think again. If you already completed your purchase, you are not too late to protect yourself. Aged data can lead to …

December 23, 2014
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Hard bounces can kill your deliverability

In most cases, the reason for your hard bounce is likely that the user name does not exist at the domain. If you are following best practices and only sending to users who have directly signed up for your newsletters chances are it is simply because the user made a genuine mistake when giving you their email address. The goal is for you to try to keep your hard bounce rate to less than 2%. …

December 15, 2014
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