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Role Based Email Accounts

What’s wrong with role based email accounts? First, lets cover what a role based account is. It is an email address that does not belong to one specific person but to a role within a company. Role-based email accounts are known for creating deliverability and engagement issues. Many of the email addresses look something like,,, etc. One of the reasons why these are not good to market to because they are often …

June 18, 2014
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Here’s a few FAQ

XVerify FAQs So, I wanted to do a little write up about some of the common questions we get asked regularly. 1. How fast do email verifications occur? Majority of our responses are done in milliseconds, however during times of peak email volume, the mail servers that we communicate could take a little bit longer to respond. In the event it is going to take more than 6 seconds we mark the email address as …

June 06, 2014
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