10 SEO Tips to Rank Number 1 on Google in 2019

Jul 01 2019

10 SEO Tips to Rank Number 1 on Google in 2019

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It’s simple, if you need more online traffic on your website, you need to appear at the top on search engines. If you don’t appear at the top on Google, you will be left out in the cold no matter how good your products or services are.

Analyze these stats to understand it better. 81% of shoppers, search the internet before purchasing a product. Google has an average net share of 76% of the search engine market share.

Using Search Engine Optimization, you can get a piece of the pie of the 63 000 searches performed every second on Google.

Here are ten tips that will help you rank number 1 on Google:

Be proactive

Don’t ride the wave but look into what will trend in the upcoming months and then use keywords that will be used in that time. For example, if you have ideas of how to spend time in winter, post in summer rather than winter.

Why? Your post will be competing with a lot of published content when you post when that topic is trending. When you alternatively proactively post about an upcoming trend, the other content will be competing against your published content.

Being the first to post about it will help your post gain traction when the topic becomes relevant and will result in your website becoming more popular.


Using Online Tools

Using free online tools like BuzzSumo and Google Trends, you will be able to get to know what internet users are currently searching for.

This method is useful when the proactive approach is hard to apply or if it’s no longer an option. Using these tools will also help you figure out which keywords to use.

You can also effectively use email marketing to boost your SEO results by helping funnel traffic to pages that you want to improve in the SERPS.

Going Niche

Rather than competing with big websites that sell a variety of products or post diverse content, focus on one specific thing. A more precise keyword will bump you higher when that person searches for it. The motto for this SEO skill is “bigger fish in a small pond” because you may get regular traffic because of the precise keywords that you use.

You should also use keywords you know people would search for. You can achieve this by asking yourself what you would write when you are searching for that product or service.

Using Videos

90% of online shoppers said that their decision-making process is influenced by the product video of a certain product. An authentic video will generate more web traffic for you and get you more customers for your products or services.

More importantly, having a video on your landing will decrease your bouncing rate (people viewing only one page of your website). Google Page Ranker (Google PR) will bump you up higher when your bouncing rate decreases. Once the audience engages with your website through video content, they will become regular visitors.

Having regular visitors will also rate you higher on Google PR because it interprets that you post relevant content. Being bumped up by Google PR will increase the odds of you being number 1 on Google search results.

Using specific keywords in your content

Once you have chosen keywords you are going to use, you should carefully choose where you will put them in your content. Although you should not overuse the keywords, you should be using them in plenty of ways.

The first place you can use it in is in your URL so instead of using a random meaningless URL, you can insert a hyphenated text with keywords. Using your chosen keyword in your title and one or few of your headings will also be beneficial.

Throughout your content, you can use your keywords several times and also add it on picture captions. Using quality keywords that are relative to the topic will drive more traffic to your website.

You should use a good-quality keyword planning tool that will tell you which combination of words you can use. This will help you yield better results in your ranking.

Constantly Post Content

Regularly posting relevant content like videos, blog posts, pictures, etc. will help you in a twofold manner. Firstly, it will help you use more keywords, which means that you will most likely show up more on search results. This will help you gain exposure to a wider target audience and then lead to more visitors.

Secondly, regularly posting content will increase time spent on your website, which, in turn, will increase your rankings and decrease your bouncing rate. Do not post frivolous content but rather stick to your niche and post in-depth content relative to it.

If writing content is not your strong point, hire expert writers from essayroo.com or EssayGeeks. When there’s so much riding on content, it’s a better option to use writers who know what great content is.

Be area specific

If you offer products or services locally, you are based in a particular area and you should use that to your advantage in your local SEO. Writing your area after the keywords of the product or service you offer will also help you rank number 1 on search results. This will especially help you when people are searching for area-specific results.

For example, don’t generalize and say you offer your services all over the U.S because the competition is tight if you use that keyword localization.

Make your website’s navigation Google friendly

If you have lots of content and pages on your website, a traditional navigation bar and drop-down list won’t cut it. They will bombard users with a lot of confusing options which will lead them to bounce your website.

Instead, you can consider using a mega map which drops down a list only when you hover with your mouse on that option. Keeping your categories to a minimum will also make your site look neater and more easily navigable

Link building

Inbound links from other sites are a strong ranking factor for Google because it refers traffic to your site. Inbound links may be thought of like a vote of confidence from established websites that have regular traffic. The users of those websites will be able to trust your site more because it was referred to in sites that they trust.

You do this by posting powerful content that has the potential of being mentioned and hyperlinked into other sites.

Internal Links

Internal links to other pages in your site are also very helpful when it comes to using SEO to increase Google ranks. This happens by the increased time users will spend reading the internally linked pages and will decrease the bouncing rate.

You shouldn’t just link any content but relative content that you have posted before.  If you link unrelated content, this will make the readers uninterested and most likely not return to your website in the future.

External Links

External links may seem like they are taking your online traffic away from you. On the contrary, linking high authority websites to your content will make your information more credible. When your information is credible, you will start getting a higher ranking on Google.

Post quality content

Plagiarism is a crime in the writing world. Your content should be original and shouldn’t have been published on other websites. This doesn’t only include the text you use but also the images, videos, comments and infographics.

Above that, the content you post should add value to your target audience and be written with the best quality possible.

Don’t make your content lengthy but keep it to a certain scale between not too short and not too long. Because shorter content ranks lower than longer content, don’t write a lot of useless information just so your article gets a higher ranking.

If you do this, you will lose traffic and your ranking will drop. Using filler words also irritates the Google SEO Algorithm so you should be straightforward in the words you choose to use.

Keep your websites lightweight

A slow loading webpage can be a major turn off for the normal internet user. They might cancel the loading process and look for other lightweight websites that are owned by your competition.

By compressing your pictures and not adding too much multimedia, you will make your websites load faster. This will enhance the user experience and new users will be most likely to call again on your website. By now, you should know that retaining users and getting more visits your Google ranking also increases.


Increasing your Google rankings is not too far complex to comprehend. You have to be smart and savvy with what you have to yield the best result.

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Lilian Chifley is a digital marketer who has helped many small businesses and startups reach that magical rank 1 in Google. She shares her expert opinions regularly through her blogs and articles. She is a great essay writer for hire if you need assignment help. She is currently working with a custom paper writing service, Best Essay Tips. In her free time, Lilian likes to watch sci-fi movies, cook Mexican food for her friends and go to the beach for a walk.

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