10 Holiday Email Campaigns Tips

Nov 07 2017

With Halloween in our rear view, the holiday season, and all the marketing opportunities within it, is our main focus. Admittedly, I’m a total holiday lover. Once the clock turns to midnight on October 31st , I decorate my house, start blasting carols and dress exclusively in ugly sweaters. Even those of us that aren’t holiday crazy, this time of year opens up unique opportunities in email marketing. You can connect with users and capitalize on all the excitement, and spending, that comes with the season. Here are ten tips to get you inspired when building your holiday email campaign.

1. Hinge- Utilize Sentimentality

Holidays are an emotional time. Everyone feels a little more thankful, and you can play on that. Take the dating app Hinge, for example. They took the holidays as an opportunity to thank their users for staying with them through their branding change. After reviewing why they made the changes, Hinge brags a little about the progress they’ve made. Then, they offer a special promo.

2. Walmart – Be Charitable

Holidays are all about the spirit of giving! So why not work that into your holiday email campaign? Walmart did a fabulous job of weaving charity into their campaign. From their websites to emails, Walmart worked their Wellwishes campaign into every aspect of their marketing. This not only motivated viewers to give, but also to continue shopping at Walmart because their dollars were going to a business that did good.

3. Taza Chocolate- Last Minute Gifts

No matter how far you plan ahead, chances are you’ll be hunting for gifts a week before Christmas. This creates a fun opening for email marketers. Does your company have products that anyone would love? Consider sending out a last minute gift guide. Taza Chocolate’s gift guide works for any gift receiver and solves last minute holiday problems. Sending out messages like this a week or two before Christmas can solve a problem for your user and create some end of the year sales!

4. Everlane- Gift Guides

Putting together a general gift guide is another great service to the users. Hitting a wall with what to get people is a common occurrence, especially around the holidays. Gathering an attractive list of items to present to users. Everlane eases their subscribers gift-giving worries with their gift guide. The guide is broad and can apply to anyone on a gift list, and it solves the user’s problem of struggling to find the perfect present.

5. J. Crew- Holiday Sales

Buying presents for everyone in your family adds up quickly. That’s why every holiday email campaign should include a sales option. J. Crew present their sales in a fun, limited time event. Making the massive sale limited increases the urgency of the offer. This 12 Days of Deals helps users save big on all their gift buys and creates an event completely unique to J. Crew.

6. Chubbies- Go For Laughs

It’s no secret that the holidays are stressful. Between shopping and cooking and finding a way to separate your mother in law and that cousin she hates, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Be a form of comic relief for your customer. Even if you aren’t offering a huge discount or a decked out gift guide, making the user laugh automatically endears your company to them. Chubbies is a master at this. Their holiday emails, well all their emails, rack in the laughs while subtly hinting towards spending opportunities.

7. Revolve- Inside Scoop

Nothing makes someone feel special like giving them a sneak preview. Revolve capitalized on this by sending their users a heads up of their holiday sales. Their email users are the first to know about their huge blow out sale. Not only does this get the user excited because they’re the first to know, but they’re also given the opportunity to save, and save big!

8. Book Depository- Sneak Peek

Like the previous example, these holiday emails gave their users a peek behind the curtain. Book Depository let their email subscribers know what the rest of their sales week would look like. Each day offered new deals and these emails reminded their users to check back and see what that day held! Doing reminder emails like this keeps you in the forefront of the user’s mind without being annoying, because you’re still offering them a service.

9. Piper Lime- Specific Gift Guides

Like previous gift guides, this guide helps the user in their shopping experience, but with a twist. Piper Lime has divided their gift guides into more specific topics. Dividing up guides by specifics helps users who are looking for a more detailed guide of what to buy for their loved ones. Though these take a little extra effort, the pay offs are huge, offering exactly what your users need.

10. Sephora- Feature Top Sellers

When in doubt, feature what you know will sell. Putting together gift guides can be time consuming, and what if you aren’t planning on doing a huge sale that you can give emailers a sneak peek at? At the very least, do a holiday themed top sellers send out. Even huge companies like Sephora do these because they work. Parents or siblings who know absolutely nothing about makeup, except that their little sister loves it, can look at this email and pick out a few items to gift. Top sellers indicate popular products and even if a user doesn’t know exactly what the product is, it can help them find out what someone on their list might like because other people like it.

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